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The CAA continually strives to simplify and facilitate the publics’ transactions, reaffirming our strenuous efforts to ensure the greatest degree of accuracy and content update on this portal. The CAA operates this educational portal to provide informat​ion and services and to implement the initiative that is included in the Ministry’s strategy for users (students, parents, teachers, users interested in the ministry’s service)   

Therefore, the CAA:   

  1. Is not responsible or liable under any condition to any damages that are direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, special or exceptional that arises from the use or inability to use the website.
  2. Taking into consideration the needs of users, we have included links to other websites. The CAA is not responsible for the content in any of those websites nor for them functioning properly nor for the problems that may arise form their usage.
  3. The user is solely responsible for his/her actions while using any of the websites that he/she visited through the links of this website.​