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Core Values

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 Core Values

Core Values: ACCREDITS

  • A:Accou​ntability​

    We are accountable​ to the Ministry of Education and to the people of the UAE.

  • C:Collaboration

    We work in a spirit of collaboration and partnership with Higher Education institutions.

  • C:Communication

    We communicate clearly, accurately, and fully with partners and stakeholder and seek and welcome their feedback.

  • R:Responsiveness

    We are responsive to the evolving needs of the higher education sector and its stakeholders.

  • E:Excellence

    We aim to achieve the highest standards in what we do and to encourage institutions to meet their ambitions at the highest level.

  • D:Diversity

    We embrace diversity in the provision of higher education.

  • I: Integrity

    We adhere to established standards, policies and procedures and to established professional ethics in all that we do.

  • T: Transparency

    We are transparent in all our activities while respecting each institution’s confidentiality.

  • S: Sustainability

    We are committed to sustainable practices.​​​​​​​