CAA Quality Series
The Series is intended to:

    1. Contribute to the enhancement of quality practices in higher education in the UAE and more widely;
    2. Provide a means for sharing insights, research and analysis that is responsive identified or emerging needs of those with responsibility for quality in higher education;
    3. Stimulate discussion and reflection on directions , evolution and progress in quality improvement relevant to UAE higher education;
    4. Provide contributions to the literature on quality assurance in UAE higher education that would otherwise not  be available to a wide audiance;
    5. Enhance public knowledge of QA,for agencies ,for institutions and for the general public.

Higher education quality assurance practitioners and educational leaders are encouraged to contribute items, in Arabic or English. Items may address or respond to specific short term policy issues, or have a more general and longer-term relevance. They may be discussion papers, argue a particular case, or report the results of experiments or experiences.
For information about the CAA Quality Series please contact the Series Editor, David Woodhouse at

     Forthcoming Publications
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Copyright Statement
CAA Publications are freely available for download, display, copy, print and distribution for personal use, educational use or for non-commercial purposes, on condition that such use is attributed to the Commission for Acdemic Accreditation (CAA) and the individual authors.
Title Author Date PDF
Going Global: U.S. Regional Accreditation and International Quality Assurance          Thomas F. Armstrong     March 2012     
A Short History of Quality           David Woodhouse     April 2012     
Towards Equity in Educational Scholarship: Academic Advancement in Higher Education Hossam Hamdy,Trevor Gibbs July 2012
International Trends in University Governance: Some Implications for the UAE Allan Schofield August 2012
Enhancing Student Feedback and Improvement Systems in Tertiary Education Mahsood Shah & Chenicheri Sid Nair June 2013
Action-Oriented Research For Master’s Level Dissertations: An Opportunity to Improve Practice Pauline Joyce & Maha Al Fahim December 2013
Using and Misusing Data in Higher Education David Woodhouse May 2014
A Short History of Quality (Translated in Arabic) David Woodhouse & Hmoud Alotaibi May 2014