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جامعة الخليج الطبية
Address: P.O.Box: 4184, Ajman - U.A.E
Emirate: Ajman
Telephone: 06-7431333
Fax: 06-7431222

Courses: associate degree in preclinical sciences; bachelor of biomedical sciences; bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery; bachelor of physiotherapy; bachelor of science- anesthesia technology; bachelor of science in healthcare management and economics; bachelor of science in nursing; bachelor of science- medical imaging sciences; bachelor of science- medical laboratory sciences; diploma in environmental health and toxicology; doctor of dental medicine; doctor of pharmacy; executive master in healthcare management and economics; joint diploma in health professions education; joint masters in health professions education; master in clinical pharmacy; master in endodontology; master in environmental health and toxicology; master in public health; master of dental surgery in periodontology; master of physical therapy; master of science in drug discovery and development ; master of science in medical laboratory sciences; masters in human reproductive biology;

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Current Year Period: 2012-2013
Current POY: Fall
Previous Year Period: 2011-2012
Data Year: 2012-2013
Data Reporting Year Period: 2012-2013