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أكاديمية شرطة دبي
Address: PO Box 12085, Dubai
Emirate: Dubai
Telephone: 04-3482255
Fax: 04-3481144

Courses: bachelor in law; bachelor of security and criminal sciences; diploma in police sciences; doctor of criminal law; doctor of philosophy in criminal investigation; doctor of private law; doctor of public law; doctor of security crisis management; higher diploma in general law; higher diploma in private law; license in law and police sciences; master in intellectual property law; master in security crisis management; master of criminal sciences; master of human rights; master of law and environment; master of law in international investments and commercial law; master of police sciences in criminal investigation; master of private law; master of public law; postgraduate diploma in criminal sciences; postgraduate diploma in police sciences - criminal investigation;

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Current Year Period: 2012-2013
Current POY: Fall
Previous Year Period: 2011-2012
Data Year: 2012-2013
Data Reporting Year Period: 2012-2013