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معهد أبوظبي للتعليم والتدريب المهني
Address: PO BOX: 95005 ABU DHABI
Emirate: Abu Dhabi
Telephone: 02 5082781
Fax: 02 5082711

Courses: diploma in accounting; diploma in car mechatronics; diploma in design (fashion); diploma in design (jewellery); diploma in event management; diploma in industrial mechatronics; diploma in information technology systems (field and network support); diploma in logistics and management; diploma in media technology; diploma in process automation; diploma in technical drawing; diploma in technical laboratory analytics; diploma in tourism management; diploma in travel and tourism management; diploma of engineering technology- electrical maintenance; diploma of engineering technology- mechanical maintenance; diploma of environment, health and safety; diploma of graphic design; diploma of human resource management; diploma of information technology - multimedia; diploma of information technology - networking; diploma of interior design and decoration; diploma of library and information services; diploma of project management; higher diploma in civil engineering; higher diploma in electrical and electronics engineering; higher diploma in information technology; higher diploma in logistics and management; higher diploma in mechanical engineering;

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Current Year Period: 2012-2013
Current POY: Fall
Previous Year Period: 2011-2012
Data Year: 2012-2013
Data Reporting Year Period: 2012-2013