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جامعة الغرير
Address: PO Box 37374, Dubai
Emirate: Dubai
Telephone: 04-3380801
Fax: 04-3382958

Courses: bachelor of architecture; bachelor of arts in interior design; bachelor of arts in public relations; bachelor of business administration; bachelor of education; bachelor of law; bachelor of science in computer information systems; bachelor of science in computer science and engineering; bachelor of science in electrical and electronics engineering; bachelor of science in mechanical engineering; master of business administratiion; master of private law; master of public law; master of science in information technology management; master of science in international business; professional diploma in journalism; professional diploma in teaching;

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Current Year Period: 2012-2013
Current POY: Fall
Previous Year Period: 2011-2012
Data Year: 2012-2013
Data Reporting Year Period: 2012-2013