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Accreditation Process and Timeline: Overview

To assure prospective students, their families, and the public that the academic programs offered by institutions licensed in the UAE meet international standards, each program must be individually accredited. The Standards for Institutional Licensure and Program Accreditation and the institution’s program proposal or program self-study that addresses the standards in terms of the program provide the basis for review by the Commission staff and an External Review Team (ERT) who assess each program both through paper documentation and a campus visit.

After review, the ERT recommends an action concerning accreditation to the Council of Commissioners, who decides whether accreditation is to be granted. Licensed, independent institutions in the UAE must receive program accreditation for each academic program they plan to offer before recruiting students or enrolling them; all programs offered by the institution must continue to be accredited.

The accreditation process is described in the relevant Standards available at this website.

A list of licensed institutions and accredited programs is available at this website.


Standards for Institutional Licensure and Program Accreditation 2019
Supplementary Guidance to the Standards 2019
Procedural Manual for Initial Program Accreditation 2019
Procedural Manual for Renewal of Program Accreditation 2019
Application for Initial Program Accreditation
Application for Re Accreditation
List of Accredited Programs
Accredited Programs (Arabic)