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Institutional Data Submission

The Commission for Academic Accreditation collects data from private institutions in order to generate summary and detailed reports for the Ministry of Higher Education, and to provide data for the Equivalency Department.

An Overview of the Data Collection Process

The CAA collects data from private institutions periodically using online forms. The data required includes:

- Detailed student lists: Lists of students including new, transfer and continuing students.
- Detailed lists of graduates.
- Faculty lists
- Statistical data such as numbers of new students, staff, library resources, financial resources and placement data.

The statistical data needs to be filled in only once every year, typically during the beginning of the academic year in the Fall semester. Student lists, though, are required during the Fall semester and again during the Spring semester.

The user representing the institution will need to log into the CAA Portal to be able to access the data forms for submitting the data. Each institution will have one registered user with a distinct email address/password that the user can set up for his/her institution. Please use this email/password to log on to the system and access the area of the website that is distinct for your particular institution.

Once logged in, the institutional user will be able to read the guidelines on how to submit the data, access the data submission forms, and also view reports of their own institution as well as aggregated data of all UAE institutions as a whole.

How Do I Start?

Step 1: Register to Log In (first time only).

The first step would be to register your institution. The individual who is to complete the data input will need to sign in to be able to access the data submission forms. To be able to sign in, the individual will need to register first. Please click on the 'register' link on the Account Login area of the home page to register with your email address and password. Only one user will be able to register per institution. If your institution has never registered before, please do register. If you have registered already but do not remember the username/password, please email us.

Step 2: Sign in to access the data submission form.

When you are signed on to the portal, you will see the 'Data Submission' button active in the top menu bar. Please click on it to submit the data for your institution.

If you have any questions, please call us at 02-6951455 or email us.

How It Works

Step 1: Register your institution (if not registered already). Only one user can register per institution. Click on the 'register' link on the home page to register.

Step 2: Sign in. Enter your registered email address/password to log on to the portal.

Step 3: Click on 'Guidelines' to read detailed instructions on the data submission process.

Step 4: Download the Excel templates for the lists required (students enrolled list, graduates list or faculty list) from the 'Guidelines' page. Note that the columns have drop-down items to standardize the values to be entered across all institutions. Fill in the data required in the Excel sheets and have them prepared for uploading.

Step 5: Click on 'Data Submission' to open the data submission forms. Upload the Excel lists and/or update statistical data as required. Click on 'Save and Continue' or 'Save' to save/upload your data.

Step 6: Click on 'Reports and Charts' to view reports of your own institution and aggregated data of all institutions.