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Recent Activities

Linking MBA Program and Course Learning Outcomes to QFEmirates Level 9 Descriptors

Hosted by:
University of Sharjah, May 28th, 2015

Facilitators: Dr Wil Williams, Prof. Mostafa Sarhan, Prof. James Jordan-Wagner

The Commission for Academic Accreditation organized a half-day workshop aimed at understanding the challenges of articulating and achieving program and course learning outcomes in the MBA context, and identifying appropriate assessment instruments that meet the requirements of the QFEmirates.

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Enhancing the Quality of IT Services in Higher Education Institutions

Hosted by:
Dubai Police Academy- Institute of Security Studies, May 20th, 2013

Guest presenter: Dr. Ahmed Dabbagh, Manager- Services and Technology, Ankabut

The Commission for Academic Accreditation, in collaboration with Ankabut, organized a seminar on the topic of “Enhancing the quality of Information Technology services in UAE’s Higher Education Institutions”. The seminar aimed to provide participants a broader outlook of the opportunities offered by Ankabut in collaborating, communicating and expanding connectivity to education networks around the world

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Quality Enhancement: A creative Approach for a Diverse Sector

Hosted by:
Institute of Management Technology- Dubai, 11th February, 2013
Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, 12th February, 2013

Guest presenter: Dr. Claire Carney, QAA, Scotland

The Commission for Academic Accreditation, in collaboration with the British Council, offered one-day workshops to address issues of Quality Enhancement in the context of UAE’s Higher Education. The workshop aimed to explore the different approaches to development of quality enhancement practices and how it might be achieved. Dr. Claire Carney has extensive experience in operating an ‘Enhancement’ agenda in the UK and has assisted international agencies in adopting this distinctive strategy

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CAA Presentation for Program Leaders

Aligning Programs to the QFEmirates- why, what, when and how?

Hosted by:
Paris Sorbonne University- Abu Dhabi, 4th December 2pm-4pm
Al Ghurair University, Academic City, Dubai, 5th December 10am-12noon
University of Sharjah, University City, Sharjah, 6th December 10am-12noon

Guest presenter: Professor Helen Marshall, University of Glamorgan, UK

The focus of the QF Emirates seminar was to provide some guidance to institutions on interpretation of the Level Descriptors of the QFEmirates Framework, production of the evidence of alignment with the QF, and the underlying practice to support the achievement of program outcomes e.g. teaching, learning and assessment.

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Prof. Ian Cumbus      Prof. Helen Marshall

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QFEmirates Presentations
Date:September 26,2012
Venue:Zayed University, Abu Dhabi
Date:September 27,2012
Venue:Zayed University, Dubai

Presentations by the CAA and the National Qualifications Authority on the structure and requirements for implementation of the UAE’s Qualifications Framework in higher education institutions, was held on 26th September at Zayed University Abu Dhabi and on the 27th September at Zayed University Dubai.

Click here to download the QFEmirates Summary Handbook for Higher Education
Click here to download the NQA QFEmirates Handbook
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Professor Badr Aboul-Ela   Ms Sue Parker   Professor Ian Cumbus

Workshop on Good Governance in Institutions of Higher Education

Date & Venue:
February 13, 2012- Ajman University of Science & Technology, Ajman
February 14, 2012- Institute of Management Technology, Dubai
February 15, 2012- Grand Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Facilitator:Allan Schofield
Key Associate of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education UK
Head of the Higher Education Consultancy Group UK

As a part of its ongoing effort to support institutional quality assurance and enhancement, the CAA in cooperation with the British Council, UAE, conducted a workshop on ‘Good Governance’ to contribute to the development of Higher Education in the UAE. The workshop explored the leadership role of the Governing Boards and their accountability to stake holders, including investors, students and their families. The workshop was attended by Chief Academic Officers and members of the Governing Board representing Private Higher Education Institutions in the UAE. More than 100 delegates attended the workshop at the three venues.

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ANQAAHE Conference 2011
Date:December 13-15, 2011
Venue:Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi

The Commission for Academic Accreditation hosted the first conference of the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANQAHE) on December 13-15, 2011. The conference theme was “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Challenges in the Arab Region”. More than 270 delegates representing Quality Assurance Organizations and Higher Education Institutions across the Arab region and QA international experts from the USA, Europe, and Australia gathered at the Park Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi. His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the United Arab Emirates, gave the opening address. The program featured four plenary sessions with eight keynote speakers and 41 presentations of scientific papers. Four well-attended pre-conference workshops exposed participants to best international practice in the areas of benchmarking, strategic planning, internal quality assurance mechanisms, and self-study preparation. A special roundtable discussion focused on setting standards for academic programs in Arabic Language and Literature. An archive of the papers and presentations made at the conference is available at the ANQAHE Web site.

Presentation on the 2011 CAA Standrads
hosted by Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University on September 22nd, 2011

Facilitators          Dr. Ian P. Cumbus
                       Dr. Bruce Taylor
                       Dr. Thomas F. Armstrong

Representatives from all CAA Licensed institutions were invited to a presentation of the 2011 Standards and Procedural Guidelines hosted by Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University in Academic City, Dubai. Presentations by the Commissioners explained the new features in the Standards, and the value and implementation of the new Procedural Guidelines.

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Learning outcomes and their Relationship to the UAEs Qualifications Framework
Repeated 1-day workshop organized in collaboration with the British Council on March 22th, 2011 in Dubai, March 23rd,2011 in Ajaman and March 24th,2011 in Abu Dhabi

The CAA, in collaboration with the British Council organized a workshop on “Learning outcomes and their Relationship to the UAE’s Qualifications Framework” on 22ndMarch, 2011 in Dubai, 23rdMarch in Ajman, and 24thMarch in Abu Dhabi. Representatives from all Licensed Institutions of Higher Education in the UAE attended the workshops.

Workshop on Benchmarking and Planning in Higher Education

Benchmarking and Planning in Higher Education

Repeated 1-day workshop organized in collaboration with the British Council on January 11th, 2011 in Dubai, and January 12th, 2011 in Abu Dhabi


Facilitator:           Professor Clare Morris

Emeritus Professor and Research Associate at the University of Gloucestershire, UK.;

Assistant Director with the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)



The aim of this workshop was to assess how benchmarking can be practiced in the context of program performance and in relation to the effectiveness of support units . It also aimed  at providing guidance to  Universities and Colleges in the UAE’s non-federal Higher Education sector  to develop and refine their understanding of Internal Quality Assurance, and establishment of internal standards for benchmarking.


Wonderful topic.A great thank you to the CAA for putting up this workshop. It is to the credit of a Government agency that is sufficiently mature and insightful to help organizations to help themselves.”

More data on benchmarking should be made available from the CAA for Universities to use for benchmarking- Thank you for organizing such workshops to develop the culture of Higher Education Institutions in UAE

CAA always shares and inspires!”

Workshop was very useful and some interesting topics were discussed. Few participants showed a clear misunderstanding of the benchmarking concept, which was experienced during the group discussions. The facilitator could have done a better job in controlling the focus of discussions and keeping everyone on track. Very good overall, except for some IT glitches.”

The CAA is very forthcoming in arranging such seminars and workshops. This is very healthy for the growth of institutions in the UAE”

It would be appreciated if such workshops are longer with case studies and best practice examples- overall satisfactory.”

The CAA needs to spread the culture of QA among all HEI’s in the UAE urging them to co-operate, share and exchange information for prospective benchmarking process within institutions”.

Good topic, and very relevant”

Useful and informative, provided useful framework”

Outcomes Based Assessment in Higher Education Institutions
Repeated 1-day workshops hosted by the American University in Dubai on 19th January 2010, Ajman University of Science and Technology on 20th January 2010, and Abu Dhabi University on 21st January 2010

Facilitator          Margaret Price
                       Professor in Learning and Assesment
                       Oxford Brookes University

The workshop aimed at providing guidance to Universities and Colleges in the UAE’s non-federal Higher Education sector, on the development of learning outcomes for undergraduate and post graduate programs and their constituent courses. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the British Council.

 Testimonials :

"Many more workshops relating to outcomes based assessment is essential"

 "More specific areas for a workshop should be explored..."

"Handouts were informative and useful"

"Topics discussed in the workshop were useful for current work at the University. The material will be useful for producing a similar workshop for our faculty"

 "Margaret did an excellent job opening our eyes to new ideas to improve our learning outcomes planning for our Logistics Academy. I hope to attend additional workshops in the future to enhance the methodologies of implementing the ‘Emiratization’ program for our students"

" A very well organized workshop- Interesting presentation on a very important topic"

 "I would recommend that this kind of training should be made available for faculty. Some sort of post course work must be submitted to ensure that real change occurs"

"We are thankful to the CAA for co-ordination and facilitation , and hope to have more workshops with expanded contribution from other institutions focusing on student success factors and institutional effectiveness"

"Thank you for promoting such an interesting subject"

" Great approach by the CAA to help Academic Institutions in the country to identify and highlight how they wish to develop their programs"

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Strategic planning in Higher Education Institutions
Repeated 1-day workshops hosted by the Canadian University in Dubai on 7th April 2010 , and the Petroleum Institute on 8th April 2010

Facilitator          Professor Alan Roff
                       Deputy Vice Chancellor
                       University of Central Lancashire

The workshop was designed to help participants develop a sound process for production of a Strategic plan  and at the same time recognize the linkage between the strategic plan and an annual operating plan.  It also focused on establishing a framework for ongoing management and review of the plan. The workshop included presentations, group tasks and plenary sessions. This workshop was organized in collaboration with the British Council.

 Testimonials :

“Appreciate CAA’s efforts in organizing such workshops.”

 “Great workshop, but would have been even more interesting if in addition to UK experience, local experience was provided as well.”

“It was a great workshop.”

“An excellent and very useful workshop!”

“This workshop was very useful. To take it a step further, a workshop that helps develop a comprehensive institutional effectiveness plan that covers assessment measures and performance indicators for higher education institutions in the UAE would be useful.”

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Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions
One day workshop hosted by Al Hosn University on April 17,2010

Facilitator          Professor Hilary Winchester
                       Pro Vice Chancellor  for Strategy and Planning 
                       University of South Australia

The workshop aimed at refining participants understating of Internal Quality Assurance in Academic Quality Management Systems.The prime focus of the workshop was the ADRI model which was discussed in-depth in relation to the CAA Standards.It also proved to be a platform  for participants to share experiences and international good practices in Internal Quality Assurance systems.

Testimonials :

The workshop was so useful, especially for those that are going through accreditation.

 Thanks a lot for this informative workshop that cleared a lot about the ADRI model as a closing loop……Extending thanks to the CAA for their support and follow-up

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