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CAA Mission

The Commission for Academic Accreditation is the Federal Government's Quality Assurance Agency charged with promoting educational excellence across diverse institutions of higher learning in the UAE. Through licensure of post-secondary educational institutions, and accreditation of individual programs, the Commission strives to assure high quality education, consistent with international standards.


  1. Ensuring Quality and Academic Standards
    Maintain and implement a quality framework which assures that institutions of higher education in the UAE operate in line with international academic, administrative, managerial, and operational standards.

  2. Diversifying Services
    Offer a broad range of appropriate services and activities that further enhances quality.

  3. Ensuring an Effective Operation
    Deliver efficient and effective quality-enhancing processes for a strongly developing higher education sector.

  4. International Profile
    Play an active, cooperative and influential role in the international community of quality assurance organizations for higher education.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

EXCELLENCE We continually strive to improve the quality of higher education in the UAE.
INTERNATIONALISM We follow standards and procedures consistent with the best international practice, with the goal of making higher education in the UAE comparable to internationally recognized institutions of higher education.
INTEGRITY We adhere to our established standards, policies and procedures in all our relationships with institutions.
COMMUNICATION We communicate clearly, accurately, and fully with all parties.
OBJECTIVITY We are fair and impartial to all institutions in the UAE, regardless of their mission, size or resources.
INDEPENDENCE We maintain our independence and are not subject to external influence.
DIVERSITY We respect each individual institution’s mission and goals and allow for diverse approaches to higher education.
ACCOUNTABILITY We are accountable to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and to the people of the UAE.
TRANSPARENCY We are transparent in all our activities while respecting each institution’s confidentiality.
COOPERATION We work in a spirit of cooperation with institutions in the setting and maintenance of standards to assure a high quality education for students in the UAE.
RESPONSIVENESS We do our best to respond to institutional requests in a timely manner.